Your Pets Need CBD Oil, Just Like You Do!

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If you’ve ever used CBD oil and you’re a pet owner, you might wonder if your fur or feather baby can benefit from it too. But before you go and give them human cannabidiol (CBD) oil, here’s the scoop – hempSMART pet CBD products are different and properly formulated for animals, however, they are safe for Human consumption. So, it’s best to give them that specific type because it’s way easier to determine the dosage for the desired effect. In other words, it’s the safer choice for them than the human kind. But, hang on, here’s what you need about CBD oil for dogs or other pets before giving the first dose.
1. Uses of CBD Oil
Just as you might use the human form for relief from certain ailments, your pet too can enjoy benefits. More research is being done on CBD use for pets, as an alternative to using pharmaceutical drugs that may have side effects. For pain relief, in particular, many owners are looking for natural healing alternatives.
Interestingly, the products work the same way as for humans as dogs because we have the same endogenous cannabinoid system. To simplify what happens, cannabidiol interacts with certain receptors in the brain… It’s important to note here that CBD is NOT psychoactive but instead can offer calm and pain-relief effects.
As some hemp oils work moderately while others are more effective, it’s best to look for high-quality formulations and ones specifically for the size of your pup to ensure the safest dosage that delivers the results you’re looking for.
The most common uses of CBD oil for dogs are to treat:
Chronic pain (such as joint pain)
Digestive problems
Sensitive skin issues
Some people also give the oils to their doggies to encourage healthy aging. Other owners administer it for cancer-related reasons, although the research is not conclusive about its benefits in this area. We’re sure more scientific studies will be happening in the coming years to provide more in-depth info on the uses and gains of using CBD oil for dogs and other pets.
2. Side Effects of CBD Hemp Oils
It’s also important to note that CBD oils may have side effects for animals,including:
Lower blood pressure
Dry mouth
As you can see these side effects are uncomfortable but not life-threatening. There are no reports to date of pets overdosing from CBD and reports to date indicate it is safe for pets. Furthermore, your pet won’t get high on this type of product because it has cannabidiol, which is not psychoactive, and it’s not habit-forming. That’s because you’ll make sure the dog treats you give your loved one does NOT have any THC in it.
For example, when it’s given to reduce anxiety, the hemp oil may make your fur child very tired in addition to calming them. This statement is particularly true if it’s a big dose. So, it’s best to watch them to ensure they are in a safe place when lying down, ideally within the home, as some doggie issues that may need supervision. Another minor result is a drop in your dog’s blood pressure. It is temporary, and the decline is small, but we want to mention it as doggie may feel lightheaded for a very short time. Again, keep an eye on your pet to ensure they don’t trip or fall.
Lastly, dry mouth can result when CBD reduces the production of saliva in your pup’s mouth. As a result, you’ll notice that your dog is extra thirsty. Therefore keep the water bowl topped up, so they get relief whenever they need it.
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