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Inspirational Technologies –
Slated to make Public Announcement for June Event Dates Planned for “July 1st, 2019 CBD Independence Day”
On Sunday, May 26th, 2019, Steven Smith, owner of Inspirational Technologies, a Health and Wellness Company, made the following statement to his viewers. “As many of my friends and family have observed in my posts, my company has fostered an interest in the CDB fields of study. Originally, it became a passion, because of it’s past and present misunderstandings. Now, after my affirmation, both personally and professionally, we, as a Company have embraced a position to Research, Corroborate, Elaborate with our Peers and with some Positive Feedback, be a Website where we will offer an opportunity for our public viewers to make informed decisions, when it comes to their health, wellbeing and future opportunities, with our Company and Products and Services we endorse.
It is with my great pleasure we will Launch “Hemp Talk” a Live, preproduced Webcast that will air at 4:20 pm EST. Dates may vary and will be announced, shortly. The program will benefit the viewer by giving them a different prospective on Hemp, it’s history and future. We hope that you will join us, for an entertaining and enlightening show.”
Running time will be 420 seconds or 7 minutes each segment.
Steven Michael Smith, Founder, Inspirational Technologies (2019)

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