CDB Testimonials – From Questions ??? To Answers!!!

Have you heard of CBD oil? Is it a magic elixir or some sort of scientific hype? Why haven’t I heard of it til now? Is it even legal?

CBD oil has been said to help a variety of ailments and is available nearly everywhere from food, oils, balms, gummies, and even dog treats. As a newer product though, it’s still not fully understood by many people, myself included. And not regulated, how was I to really know what I was taking?

I’ve had some joint pain for quite a while and wanted to find out if CBD oil would help, so I went looking for more information.

According to an article from Medical News Today, “Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, also called hemp oil, contains CBD extracts from cannabis plants. Some people use CBD oil to relieve pain associated with chronic conditions, such as arthritis.”

Why Try CBD Oil?

When I first considered trying CBD oil, I worried about possible side effects and how they would affect me. The biggest worry was that it would get me high, something I had no interest in at all.

After doing some more research, I learned that most 3rd Party Verified Products contained little to No THC, so getting high is not a possibility. Good to know!

When I returned from an overseas vacation of hiking and long tour walking, I was experiencing hip pain and as a recent retiree, I think I just wore my hip out from good living and healthy exercising.

Daily Pain

Due to hip pain, lifting my right leg high enough to get in the car was quite painful after my trip. And sadly, I was no longer able to exercise to the level and intensity of previous months and even years.

My hip hurt all the time, had limited mobility, and seemed to be quickly deteriorating. Perhaps worst of all, not one single over the counter pain medication helped, and I tried them all.

I did additional research on ways to relieve osteoarthritis pain specifically, and came across a study on pure full spectrum CBD oil drops. CBD oil was something I knew about from previous research and hearing the experiences from friends who had taken it. Since I wanted to try it myself, I was pleased to know it had a 30 Day ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ to try out. They also had the drops in 4 flavors. Strawberry was my pick or else Mint, Orange or Lemon.

How I Took CBD Oil

I was very excited at the prospect of having some pain relief but was a little wary about trying the oil for the first time. I had done research and felt fully informed but still worried that it would have adverse effects of some sort.

To be cautious, I took the oil one morning when I knew I didn’t have to leave the house or go anywhere later that day.

The directions on my bottle said to take one dropper (20 drops) twice a day. I carefully counted out 20 drops exactly because I didn’t want to accidentally take too much.

After about 45 minutes, I began to feel slight pain relief in my right hip. So far, so good, and the rest of the day seemed to be more pain free in general than most other days. I felt completely normal and had no feeling of being high, and thankfully, I didn’t feel anything else weird or concerning.

After the evening dose at bedtime, where I once again counted out 20 drops exactly, it took the usual amount of time to fall asleep.

Every night for the past several months, my hip made most sleeping positions uncomfortable, so I’m happy to say that once I did get to sleep after that first evening dose, I slept better than most nights.

I didn’t wake up as much during the night either, and in the morning, I felt less joint discomfort. After months of horrible hip pain when getting out of bed, reduced pain was a welcome change.

My Dosage

I experimented with reducing the dose and found that taking just 10 drops both in the morning and at bedtime was ideal for me.

After a week, my hip pain had decreased by about half and my every day mobility issues became easier to manage. I continued taking the half dose daily for almost a month and was pleased that I had found a product that helped with my pain with no noticeable side effects.

If you’re like me and take half a dose in the morning and the other half at night, a 30 mL bottle should last about 30 days.

My Results

All in all, I can say that over time the CBD oil improved my ability to enjoy life with less joint pain. While people report that CBD oil might help a variety of ailments, I found it to have a positive impact on my ability to enjoy my day, almost like before debilitating hip pain kept me on the sidelines more often than not.

Final Thoughts

Even though after getting relief, I invest my spare time in telling others of the wonderful results, the opinions expressed here are my own. I loved the brand of CBD oil right from the start and found it to work well for my hip pain. Everyone is different though, so your results may vary.

Please note that I am not a medical professional and have no medical or pharmaceutical training. This article is for anecdotal purposes only and is not intended to be used as medical advice or any sort of treatment.


We will not post! We just wish to be able to help you in your journey to a better life….

Have you tried a CBD oil? I would love to read about your experience and thoughts on how it worked for you. Please leave a comment below and let all of us know. In the meantime, if you have not tried CBD, click on this paragraph and you can become more informed on a product that gives you both reliable results and information on your opportunities in helping others in need of a possible remedy to their health issues.

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