VivaBUDS Is Knocking on ‘San Fernando Valley’ Doors.

Hi,                I’m Steve.          Happy 4:20           Your Delivery is READY. Are you Ready? To join?

Do you live in the San Fernando Valley? Do you Order Pizza? We deliver your Favorite Cannabis (credit cards accepted). Simply join us for free, Get a Discount for Premium Membership. Referrals = Free Weed.

VivaBUDS is on Expansion throughout California and is expected to be completed by the end of the year, beginning with the Southern Californian Counties and working north. If you haven’t already joined, for Free, Click this Link or go to

Join Now!

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Location Northeast Florida, USA Phone {904} 382-3443 E-mail Hours DAILY RESPONSE 9am-5pm PST Leave a Detailed Message. Thank You for your consideration. Associate Opportunity, Inquire by E-Mail or Phone Call

This is a respresentative of our Product Line and Prices. To Place Order on our secure website Double Click on Story Line. .... This On-Line Store will become active 8/2020 date TBA Dismiss

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