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“Inspirational Technologies” Announces Global Expansion, Exponential Growth!

September 7, 2019 FloridaInspirationalNewswire For Public Release

Inspirational Technologies, a Health and Wellness Company, announced Friday, September 6th, 2019, in a Closed Company Announcement of it’s future…

“Following that announcement, there was a positive review of the company’s direction and opportunities, by interested parties.” said Steven Smith, The Company’s Founder and Owner. “We have already Partnered with some major players in the CBD Global arena, such as HempSMART, a Subsidiary of Marijuana Company Of America, a US publicly traded company (MCOA), along with VivaBuds, a New Cannabis Delivery Company, currently serving the Greater San Fernando Valley area”. Said Steven. “We say partners, and by that, we say that all of our interactions are in our arena of partnering with Global Companies with common goals and interest. HempSMART is now in the UK, Scotland, the Netherlands with future countries in Europe on the horizon. We are appreciative to those partners who have since made significant impact to our Company’s Mission, beyond my expectations. Although, I can’t comment yet on 3rd Quarter statistics, I can report that our Website has had over 2,400 New Members, over the past 2 quarters. We are growing exponentially and over 100 new members a day are not uncommon.” he said. “We are now poised to deploy our New Technologies, now being Beta Tested and are bracing for the new opportunities and an outreach to those we can call partners.” Steven Smith also made mention of DirectView Holdings, saying, “Knowing that we needed a Security Company, we looked to Direct View and Apex CCTV (Closed Circuit Security System) and found them to have an awesome product, in their HIKVISION 4 Camera -1 TB NVR.” Steve continued, “I actually installed the system, myself! After all, we are an Innovative Technological Company, and as it’s founder, we have to know what we are doing.” Steve added, “We knew that these days would soon be upon us and we welcome everyone and our ‘Partners’ to ‘Put on your Thinking Caps, Reserve a Seat on This Rocket we call “Inspired One”, put on your seatbelt. Get engaged with Our resources. The COUNTDOWN BEGINS NOW.”

Steven Smith concluded with a short Q&A.


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