HempSMART Lands in Jacksonville Home + Patio Show #111

HempSMART – Premium CBD (THC Free) Products

Florida Based “Inspirational Technologies” will be in the Jacksonville Fall Home + Patio Show, at the Prime Osborne III Convention Center, next Thursday, September 26th – Sunday, September 29th, 2019.

Owner and Founder, Steven Smith was excited to learn of the opportunity to be a part of this semi-annual event.


“I have looked forward to being a part of this great opportunity to showcase our HempSMART Product Line”, Steve said. “We thank “The Home + Patio Show” for sharing our health and wellness benefits to the Greater Jacksonville Area. We encourage everyone, who is able, to make it down to the historic, Prime Osborn III Convention Center, not only for the great Home + Patio Show, but also, the Convention Center itself.” Steve continued, “I can remember when it (the Convention Center) was the Jacksonville, Union Station, where my family would go to pick up my relatives, arriving by train. Now I’m here, to help others on another journey. Visit me, at booth #111.”

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