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Hempy October HempSMART!

CBD HempSMART Watch Party with Doug!

TIME TO SET YOUR DVRs to record your favorite 8pm EST Show. Take just 35 minutes of your time, grab a pen 🖊, paper 📝 and find a quiet 🤫 place to learn, JUST WHAT is this CBD PHENOMENON? In less than One Hour, Watch and tune Your attention to What I like to call my “Four Hemp Club”. Hope, Health, Healing and HempSMART! & Hemportunity

*Please Join me Live, as we have a Watch Party, with Doug, USA Director of HempSMART Operations, as he gives us a great overview of how HempSMART’s CBD (THC Free) Product Line can give “Positive results and then Positive response, which then presents Positive Opportunities” for you, your family and loved ones.

“My family has and are having such positive health benefits with this amazing product selection. We have never had to refund or return a product that we have recommended, and we recommend them all!”

My Best,

Steven M Smith

The following is Doug’s link!

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Doug Skordal 2019 US Director of HempSMART USA

Start: 10/1/2019 8:00 PM

End: 10/1/2019 8:30 PM


Create Your Ideal Life with hempSMART. Optimal Health meets Optimal Wealth. You invite guests. We do the heavy lifting, Attendees learn about products, opportunity, & our incredible positioning in the hemp / CBD solutions arena. Host: Doug Skordal

If you missed the Live Presentation here is a recent Replayed Presentation, Thank you!

The HempSMART link

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