CDB Warning: Not All CDB is Created Equal. What Some Companies are Not telling You.

All HempSMART Products Have Independent 3rd Party Testing Available on their Website (THC Free)!

At hempSMART, we post our Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on our website publicly for full transparency. This testing is done in independent, credited labs to show not only what is IN our products, but also to prove what is NOT in our products. Even if they are already using another company’s #CBD product, ask the people you’re speaking with… “wouldn’t it be great to have peace of mind and sleep better at night knowing what is going into your body?” #ValidateHempsmart #BuyerBeware

Inspirational Technologies Note From, Steven Smith, Founder and Owner

While speaking with my Uncle in California, He told me that he had started to inquire about a CBD Product Line, that had landed in his Inbox . When he exited the Company’s Website, they sent him an offer to pay only for shipping, $4.95, he accepted and gave his credit card and received the product 4 days later. I asked him to read me the label and there was not any mention of the company and the invoice sent had a PO BOX # Out of Utah. I immediately told him to wait on taking the “CBD”, while I checked for a COA. They had none available and the Parent Company had numerous “CBD products” listed under Various Company names. ” I then checked the LLC under the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and all the shell companies had a “F” rating. This is exactly why my Company has endorsed the HempSMART Product Line. Let other Buyers Beware. HempSMART is safe, effective and has had proven results!

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  1. Terpene TLV

    In Addition, Terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system to “fine tune the body”. Terpenes are found throughout nature and have many commercial and medicinal implications.

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