VivaBUDS Heads To Lake Elsinore, California!

Inspirational Technologies announced that VivaBUDS, a (MCOA) Marijuana Company of America, Subsidiary will be in Lake Elsinore, California with it’s Premium Marijuana Delivery Service, soon to be Launched, with ‘Weedmaps’ , as one of it’s primary marketing tools. Steven Smith, CEO and Founder of “Inspirational Technologies” announced October 9th, 2019 that, “We at Inspirational Technologies, understand the need for a Competent Service, that Provides a Premium Recreational Cannabis Delivered Free by Drivers who are Courteous, Discrete and Professional. The days of stoned cannabis drivers, in Lake Elsinore, will be soon over. Our Price Points, Discounts for Premium Club Membership and the Opportunity of Tell-A-Friend Referrals that will Compensate your Satisfaction with Commission Opportunities, is revolutionary and easy to use.” Steve continued, “Our Launch in Lake Elsinore will be Complimented with the Marketing Opportunities of ‘Weedmaps’, an App, available to help Cannabis Customers decide on their best choice of options based on their particular Needs, to be able to make informed decisions. We will be marketing recreational Marijuana to the public consumer, with the Customer’s Satisfaction top of mind. We also, will be employing a “Tell-A-Friend” referral service about their experience, thus sharing their personal positive experiences. Our reviews in the San Fernando Valley Areas and Murrieta are both very positive and encouraging.” Steve also mentioned that, “I will be in the Lake Elsinore Area next week to assist his avatar, , to cover the area with the Good News for the Savvy Cannabis Consumer. VivaBUDS has been in the Los Angeles Area and has plans to cover the State of California by end of this year, according to Caren Glasser, President of VivaBUDS. We are excited to be in the Lake Elsinore area, delivering to residential communities, with Delivery Drivers, who are the Point of Sale Professionals, knowing that being courteous, discrete and abiding by local laws the delivery of recreational cannabis to the discerning public.” Steve concluded that, “The Opportunities of our Marketing Strategy are giving a ‘High Five’ to Happiness.”

Visit the to see the Website that Delivers, not only for your Happiness, but also for your Finest choices for Premium Cannabis Products…


“Inspirational Technologies” is a Health and Wellness Company with Steven Smith as CEO and Founder, since October 21st, 2013.

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“Inspirational Technologies” is a Health and Wellness Company, Serving the USA with Compassion and Hope. Steven Smith is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder, since October 21st, 2013.

All Rights Reserved (2019).


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