“Inspirational Technologies” Announces New Venture In “4 Hemp Club” – 3rd Quarter Reports Gross Sales UP 1,250%. VivaBUDS Launches in Lake Elsinore, CA

VivaBUDS  Launch in Lake Elsinore, California October 15, 2019
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“Inspirational Technologies” a Health and Wellness, Green Technology Company in Florida, announced “4 Hemp Club” as a Hemp Advocates Group, under the Company’s Umbrella of Subsidiaries.

Steven Smith, Founder and Owner of “Inspirational Technologies”, stated on Friday October 11th, 2019, while stopping in Jacksonville, Florida. “I am committed to this venture, as our company has decided to use this ‘Hemp Advocacy Group’ for the opportunity and use of Industrial Hemp to leverage education and opportunities of this plant’s socio-economic development.”

Steve was slated to be in California for VivaBUDS launch in Lake Elsinore. “I am excited for the Ventures that our Company has entered into the arena with”. He also mentioned 3rd quarter sales, when asked, “We have had a phenomenal growth in gross sales,  in our HempSMART division, with a 1,250% increase over our opening quarter, this year. I am even more optimistic about our VivaBUDS market, now expanding into the greater Lake Elsinore area. My company plans to be on hand for the launch and I am excited to be returning the area, next week  and the opportunities it will afford in our ever expanding company interests.” Steven Smith is the (CEO) and founder “Inspirational Technologies”.

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