VivaBUDS “Wild West” Meeting “Inspiring”

The Event that VivaBUDS put together at a moment’s notice was a sample of how the team of Caren Glasser and Vanessa Hunter have brought an idea that Donald Steinberg has had since the late 20th century to today where a new enterprise is birthed from mind(s) of the past and present then perhaps it will become his next “Step”. Step 1, become a Name or Brand. Step 2, be Disruptive in your launch. Step 3, have a proven plan that you can measure, research, tweak and have involved and passionate teammates working toward an ethical and obtainable goal.

VivaBUDS Kickoff “Weed in the Wild West” presentation by Donald Steinberg CEO (MCOA)
Picture by Robert H Rosenthal

As owner of “Inspirational Technologies”, I have been waiting and watching, for this opportunity. I told my wife, Janet, get ready for a ride like we never have undertaken. It is now clear to us both, that our dreams are possible. Not only for us, for our loved ones, our friends and anyone who we can share our story.

We were grateful to Don and his awesome Team who were in attendance for this Kickoff Meeting. I have been give the opportunity to serve the Lake Elsinore Area for VivaBUDS and love the support from the community. I have personally experienced the service and delivery of our premium products and recommend them to all. The positive residential free delivery services originated with organic products, we oversee seed to products to your delivery to your door. Coming soon, same day delivery and credit card payment.

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