“Inspirational Technologies” Joins “California Wild West” Cannabis Delivery Answer VivaBUDS says Budmaster.



Inspirational Technologies 11-25-2019 St Augustine, FL

After returning from an extended stay on the West Coast, Steven Smith and his Company, “Inspirational Technologies” was very complimentary of the experience afforded while visiting. We were quite overwhelmed by the beauty, landscape and city area of Lake Elsinore.” He said, Thursday, while making a stop in Florida.

“We will be growing our presence in these areas with both the two subsidiaries of the company MCOA or Marijuana Company Of America”, he reported .VivaBUDS is a California based operation that is growing and Steven said he was excited by what he saw happening last month. “My overall impression of the Company and Don Steinberg is very positive. Don has under his umbrella, a very bright and enthusiastic group of individuals in his arsenal of Subsidiaries such as Trevor Muehlfelder in HempSMART and Caren Glasser and Vanessa Hunter in VivaBUDS. Our Company have both had similar visions and high expectations with the overall concept of Health, Wellness, Freedom and Opportunity are possible with a combination of either or both these products and services. We, at “Inspirational Technologies are preparing on seizing upon and sharing our good fortune with many already involved.”

Inspirational Technologies has just made an announcement that it has also officially occupied a working area for what will become the future Office and Studio Center for the company. Work has been primarily been confined to  structure integrity, security and compliance. Estimated timeframes are keeping up with the company’s vision.

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