“Shop To Support“ Effort to Give Back while Helping Protect Our Immune System.

Jesus M Quintero, CEO, MCOA stated, “We are proud to be able to show our appreciation and support to first responders. It is one of the Company’s core values to give back to the community.”

Patented CBD “Brain” Capsules and Drops (THC Free) helps support your natural Endocannabinoid System!

HempSmart Global (“HS Global”) is underway building its new digital platform with a wider selection of hemp products targeted to a broader consumer audience. The site will also expand its reach internationally, providing wholesale and retail programs. HS Global is committed to Community Outreach and will support philanthropic partnerships on an ongoing basis.

We Are In This All in This Together. Improve Your Immune System with our Premium CBD (THC Free).

Please join us in supporting yourself and your community to strengthen our collective immune system. Help us to Help when you shop. Everybody wins!

Visit smart.hempsmart.com for upcoming promotions for Father’s Day and the 4th of July. We will be offering our Face Cream to soothe dad’s face after he shaves off his pandemic beard and relieve the quarantine pain in his neck. Celebrate July 4th with our cocktail drink mixes and our specialty recipes.

We are all in this together. Help where you can. Be safe. Stay healthy.

HempSMART is a MCOA Subsidiary Inspirational Technologies (2020)

SOURCE Marijuana Company of America, Inc.

Steven Smith, CEO Owner/Founder

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