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A Message From “Inspirational Technologies” CEO.

Steven M Smith, CEO and Founder of Inspirational Technologies, a Health & Wellness Company, had stated June 1st, 2020 was to be the Launch of his small business’s latest endeavor “Background Noise Studios”, however, that date has now been slated for later in the year.

Steve stated earlier today, while quarantined in Florida. “The world one year ago, was one that, for myself and my wife, Janet, was full of dreams and promising outlook. My business had completed it’s first quarter of achievement in operations and development, with promise to help and advance the Health and Wellbeing of our supporters, Loved Ones and you, who are our Subscribers”.

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Steve continued, “Today, June 1st, 2020 was to be our launch of “Background Noise Studios”, a new production vehicle for our company to expand into. Unfortunately, we, like many small companies are being challenged by obstacles which we have little to no control of. Our launch has been scrubbed and our next window of of opportunity is somewhat uncertain.

We are reminded now, daily, that our plans are just that, plans.

One year ago, we were planning an endless summer of forward momentum and opportunities in our future endeavors. Today, people are looking forward and only seeing uncertainty and lack of focus. Now, with recent social unrest, we must remember our truest focus should be upon lifting or uplifting each other.

I would like to thank all those essential people, who we may not think about, who are in your local community.

We are a blessed nation to have comfort in the midst of chaos. Please pray, be kind and generous with your patience.”

A message from Steve, “Be Kind While We Pray for those in Pain”.

“On the Business side of our operations, I want to thank all of you who are staying within your local community guidelines for opening our businesses. We, at Inspirational Technologies, have just SURPASSED 4,000 SUBSCRIBERS, in just 14 short months. Thank you for your continued consideration and patronage!

Steven M Smith

Inspirational Technologies

Steven Smith, CEO Owner/Founder Inspirational Technologies Background Noise Studios