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If I Only Had A Brain…..WAIT….. Brain is Back! Now as PATENTED Neuro Smart!

Patented hempsmart™ Neuro Smart

Brain is Back!  Now as Neuro Smart!

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Midnight PST  6/6/2021



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This is our flagship formulation that pioneered the hemp industry. CBD NOOTROPIC WITH ADVANCED BIOAVAILABILITY 10mg CBD Per Serving 60 Capsules, Botanical Supplement hempsmart™ Neuro Smart combines the multi-tasking power of hemp derived CBD with clinically studied nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients to help support healthy brain function, memory, focus & mental speed.

We are THRILLED to tell you this…

Our best selling Brain pill is BACK!

Now with a new name and look you can stay at the top of your game all day every day.

Improve your memory and focus with Neuro Smart!

Take 2 capsules daily with food, or take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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Use Code: neurosmart10 and a 10% discount will be added at checkout!

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Give yourself, mentally and physically. Our Immunity Pack gets your medicine cabinet ready for the approaching fall and flu season. Focus for mental focus and clarity, and Drops for an immune system boost when you need it most, add your choice of our smartDrops to increase your own immune response.


Summer will be over before you know it, stock up and save.

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