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NPE of Cannabis Global Updated Product Launches πŸš€

Cannabis Global Prepares for Premium Cannabis Product Releases

LOS ANGELES, CA -June 10, 2021 – Cannabis Global Inc., the majority owner of licensed cannabis manufacturer Natural Plant Extract (NPE) and Northern Light Distribution, a licensed cannabis distribution company, today provides a business update regarding upcoming product launches. NPE, based in Lynwood, California, has completed its first round of compliance testing and is preparing for the June introduction and shipment of several new products.

The products will include super premium, THC-A Diamond, Live Resin-infused cannabis pre-rolls, a new line of vegan, stevia-enhanced cannabis candy products, and top-shelf cannabis flower products based on indoor grown strains. β€œIn crowded, highly competitive Southern California, we need to have unique products, and that is exactly what we have created,” commented Cannabis Global CEO Arman Tabatabaei. β€œAmong other products on deck, our premium diamond-infused pre-roll product will be a leader in potency with our first introduction topping 45% levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). With a unique infusion manufacturing process and a hand-finish that allows for even concentrate distribution throughout the pre-roll, we are able to achieve both ultra-high potency and an ultra-smooth smoking experience.

β€œThe Company will also introduce its all-natural, vegan, cannabis-infused Pate de Fruits candy line designed to compete at the premium end of the cannabis edibles market. Pate de Fruits is made from real fruit purΓ©es, a stevia-based sweetener blend, and other β€œbest available anywhere” ingredients. Its heat-resistant design is expected to be especially attractive to cannabis delivery companies, which often struggle with melting of edible products during the warmer months of the year.”

β€œWe are confident that cannabis consumers and our investors will be impressed with our new products,” Tabatabaei continued. β€œWe have undoubtedly taken a product track toward ultra-premium products, as we believe this underserved area shows increasing consumer interest. We have also significantly increased our distribution business via our Northern Lights distribution company, which is co-located at our Lynwood, California, facility. Additionally, we are diligently working to complete our volatile extraction laboratory in conjunction with our project investment partner, Marijuana Company of America.

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