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MCOA Announces Shift in Business Strategy As It Launches Into Legalized Cannabis THC Industry

Los Angeles, California. August 2021 – Marijuana Company Of America (MCOA), announced a strategic shift in its business strategy as it enters into the Legalized Cannabis THC Industry.

This move is reflected by potential acquisitions as well as recently acquired MCOA asset, cDistro, distributor of CBD brands, along with smoke and vape shop related products to wholesalers, c-stores, specialty retailers, and consumers in North America.

“Our entry back into the legalized cannabis THC industry is a historic day for our company,” said Jesus Quintero, CEO of Marijuana Company of America, Inc.

“Everyone in our organization has played a critical role in this journey to where we stand today, and it is only through the hard work and dedication of our employees as well as the support of our loyal shareholders, that we have been able to reach this inflection point.

(MCOA is a diversified holding company with operations and investments throughout the cannabis industry).

“Today, MCOA has already identified and anticipates closing on new potential revenue producing cannabis acquisitions that will allow us to rapidly capture a large and growing percentage of the market share due to two key competitive advantages, MCOA’ s distribution coupled with the vast experience and knowledge of the Cannabis industry.” He shared.

“MCOA believes that the opportunity to expand its business will create a compelling structure that will enable one or more target companies to go public, thereby accessing significant capital for both organic growth and acquisitions of synergistic and often undercapitalized assets”.

“This provides a unique opportunity to invest in capital constrained businesses in defensible positions.

We are confident these initiatives will allow us to better serve our customers, accelerate the growth we have experienced in the recent past and position us to continue our organic growth.

We look forward to serving more customers in the future, as well as to achieving profitable growth of the company,” concluded Mr. Quintero.

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