Inspirational Technologies Services provides the means to obtain premium quality health products in the form of ultrabroad spectrum cannabinoids (CBD) along with beneficial compounds to promote Brain, Pain relief, Skin Moisturizer and Flavored Drops for overall health benefits.   Services also include the research, promotion and status of opportunities in association with Full Spectrum CBD (THC Free) and all of the facets of the health, wellness and skin care products.

The following is our story… It is the reason we began our research and devoted time to explore the possibilities of CBD and Marijuana.

Inspirational Technologies
February 19, 2019

The following is a true account that happened to us and we wanted to share.
My wife, Janet and I (Steve) are retired and live in Florida. We wanted to travel to southern California, at the start of 2019. We arrived in California, earlier than expected, due to a funeral and realized that my wife’s prescription medication was not going to be able to be filled, due to California law on State to State prescription Laws. Left with no other alternative, other that go home to Florida, early, we sought out the help of the local hempSMART distributor and met with some of their staff, who, after I had explained our dilemma, said that they HAD exactly what I needed, or so, I prayed for. I drove back to Oceanside, CA where my wife had been awaiting my return. With a reluctant trial, my wife took two capsules and found nearly painless relief. She also used the Pain cream sample. We were both amazed, grateful and then curious as to why we had not taken notice on how we had relied on or Opiates for the relief of pain, despite the side effects. She was able to enjoy our trip without pain and I was grateful for our newly found alternative.
My wife and I realized that she had just had a “Rehabilitation” with the use of the hempSMART product.  We just returned to Florida and are now awaiting our 1st shipment to arrive. We wanted to thank hempSMART for informing us on all benefits they offer the US market. Ships USPS – 100% Legal US

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