SmartCBDelivery is our Premium CBD Delivery service directly to your doorstep anywhere in the USA. Usual delivery fee is $6.95 for USPS 3 day service. Orders placed are shipped same business day. We recommend using SmartShip service (reoccurring monthly order) Saves You 10% off your monthly order. All orders are tracked for your convenience and delivered in plain packaging. Associates receive additional discounts. Please inquire your desire to help others, while earning a residual income at home.

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Location Northeast Florida, USA Phone {904} 382-3443 E-mail Hours DAILY RESPONSE 9am-5pm PST Leave a Detailed Message. Thank You for your consideration. Associate Opportunity, Inquire by E-Mail or Phone Call

This is a respresentative of our Product Line and Prices. To Place Order on our secure website Double Click on Story Line. .... This On-Line Store will become active 8/2020 date TBA Dismiss

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