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Inspirational Technologies to Report Optimistic 2020 Sales Gain on 1st Year Anniversary. April 1, 2020

“The Great News is, Our Vision for 2020 is in line with our 20% per Quarter Increase in Sales over our previous same year’s quarterly reports.”

Steven Smith, CEO and Owner of Inspirational Technologies, on soon to be released company 4th period quarterly results And finally passing it’s 1 year anniversary. 

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Steven Smith, CEO and Founder of Inspirational Technologies, a Health and Wellness Company, released a statement to Background Noise Newswire on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020. The following is an excerpt of the full statement which can be found on a later link.

Background Noise News, a Proprietary Inspirational Technologies Messenger Service to Announce End if Year Gross Sales Report April 10th, 2020.

“I again, would first like to say and express my gratitude to all of our over 3700 loyal subscribers on our site.  Your Support means finding positive experience and relationships that foster the very foundation of support. Now, this New Year, we have found ourselves faced with a Human Condition unlike no other. Inspirational Technologies is changing health and wellness to include protection. Protection in the form of the Human Immune System and forming Habits of Health.

Our 2020 Vision for our Company is to pledge to support and be a positive influence. We are positioned to inspire those in an inspirational and informative manner. We will begin with education and move into action. One ☝️ step at time with the knowledge that living is, but a way of life which embraces us, not one which divides us. We were taught by love what is meant to love each other as we wish and should be loved and respected by all. “ Steve remarked.  Gross Sales as reported to the State of Florida, for our forth period, quarter. An end of year company statement will be provided in the near future. In the statement the overall report also showed a projected 2020 increase in quarterly gross sales projections in the 20% range. Of course, all projections are based on market fluctuations, that can cover a large umbrella of interest or no interest.” Steve concluded in the statement, “For 2020, Inspirational Technologies Commits. That will be our mantra this year to go the distance to achieve, and to believe, in not only ourselves, but others, also. Continued Happy Ness and Prosperity for you and yours in 2020! Thank you for your consideration.

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