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NOOTROPICS: Hope or Hype?

NOOTROPICS: Hope or Hype?

The hot new trend in nutritional supplementation is NOOTROPICS, sometimes referred to as “smart pills” or “cognitive enhancers”. A nootropic is a substance capable of enhancing learning, memory, concentration, or other cognitive functions and of preventing or slowing cognitive decline. It is important to note that you do not need to have a medical issue to benefit from natural brain support. We all enjoy the feeling of functioning at the peak of our potential. The ability to think clearly, remember details easily, verbalize our thoughts articulately, sleep soundly, and handle stress with grace and ease, is priceless! These are all functions of a healthy brain in balance.

Whether you are a college student balancing a challenging academic schedule, a professional preparing for a big presentation, an executive competing for a big promotion, a mother juggling the management of a busy household, or a senior citizen desiring a quicker and sharper memory, NeuroSmart can give you the benefits you are searching for.

Synthetic prescriptions and over the counter drugs have been shown to be of limited benefit for enhancing brain function, while often causing troublesome side effects. However, a few high quality natural compounds have been shown, in clinical trials, to improve cognitive function. A handful of novel brain support supplements contain one or more of these valuable ingredients. Unfortunately, the actual amounts of legitimate nootropics contained in these products are usually miniscule. The extremely small quantities of scientifically validated ingredients are generally too insignificant to offer any real benefit. The list of ingredients might look good on the label, but they deliver no tangible results. In other words, all hype, no substance!

Scientific research is extensive and compelling. The brain is “hardwired” with specialized receptors for natural cannabinoids. Clinical studies indicate that neurogenesis (the production of NEW brain cells) is supported by premium hemp extracts and synergistic botanical compounds. This means there is the potential to enhance the building of new infra-structure in the brain.

NeuroSmart: A Game Changer with a Coveted U.S. Patent.


NeuroSmart exemplifies the practical application of cutting edge brain research. This unique ”first of its kind” product utilizes a synergistic blend of natural botanical compounds, in addition to Ayurvedic herbs, and premium broad spectrum hemp extract, all in scientifically researched amounts.

This innovative formula promotes optimal brain function in several fundamental ways:

  1. NeuroSmart supports the integrity of existing brain cells. Multiple Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals protect brain cells from assault by toxins, free radicals and inflammation.
  2. NeuroSmart supports optimal brain chemistry and neurotransmitter balance through the Endocannabinoid System.
  3. NeuroSmart promotes neurogenesis, the development of NEW healthy brain cells. This visionary synergistic atented formula supports the development of regenerative infrastructure in the brain.

In 2019, after nearly two years of in-depth analysis, the U.S. Patent Office awarded Patent # 10,201,553 to hempsmart’s revolutionary brain support formula, NeuroSmart. This excerpt from the U.S. Patent clearly illustrates the visionary application of scientific research in brain support:

“The present invention (NeuroSmart) is unique in that this product utilizes a synergistic blend of natural neuroprotective and neuroregenerative compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD), all in clinically researched and verified therapeutic amounts. Clinical studies indicate that CBD facilitates brain recovery from oxidative stress free radical damage and inflammation.”

“CBD research is extensive and compelling. The brain is “hardwired” with specialized receptors for CBD. Each ingredient in this invention has been clinically validated to provide a specific neuro-protective or neuro-regenerative effect.”

This important patent goes on to state:

“This unique formulation promises to revolutionize the safe and effective optimization of brain and neurological function.”

NO Hype, just Great RESULTS!

Unlike most brain support supplements on the market, NeuroSmart is a powerhouse of scientifically proven natural nootropic ingredients, in therapeutic amounts. The clinically validated ingredients include:

  • CBD – neurogenesis, neurotransmitter support, neuro- protection
  • Bacopa – neurogenesis, neuro-protection, memory, focus
  • Ashwaganda – stress reduction, cognition, memory, adaptogen
  • Phosphatidyl Serine – brain cell-to-cell communication, memory, concentration, learning, word choice
  • Alpha Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline – neuro-protection, mental sharpness,
  • Rhodiola – short term memory, concentration, speed of mental processing, adaptogen
  • Huperzia Serrata – memory & learning enhancement, alertness, energy
  • Astaxanthin – protection from oxidative stress & inflammation
  • EGCG – memory, brain connectivity
  • Turmeric – neural stem cell growth, neuro-protection
  • L-Theanine – calming, mood enhancing

NeuroSmart supports:

  • mental clarity, alertness & cognitive processing
  • focus and concentration
  • relaxation & restorative sleep
  • ability to manage stress
  • learning and recall
  • repair, regeneration & plasticity of brain cells

Are you looking for peak performance in school, at work, or just in the day-to-day demands of multi-tasking? NeuroSmart offers a safe and effective solution.



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