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A Blind Woman’s Amazing Story About Her Experience With CDB And Her Longtime Doctor’s Reaction.


I wanted to let you know that I’m legally blind and have two eye diseases. The rarer one is Retinitis Pigmentosa, and the more common one is Macular Degeneration. I have been using CBD as a supplement and have talked about how I have benefits from it.

I’ve also talked about my support of CBD for multiple reasons. My two main reasons for using CBD oil is my eye pain and my anxiety. I’ve seen doctors and therapists galore, and many of them have said to keep using the oil, especially since it has so many benefits.

What I want to talk about today is something that changed my life a bit. Two weeks ago, I saw my retinal specialist. This man is a genius, and I’ve never trusted a doctor more than I trust him. He’s brilliant and leading a lot of research for eye health. I always get a little anxious when I see him, because not only is he intimidating, he’s blunt.

He’s the doctor who told me I would never be able to drive. He’s the man who declared me legally blind. He is also the one who pushed me to realize the strength within myself. When I found out my eyes weren’t like everyone else’s in my family with RP, he told me to “suck it up” and that “there are blind children all over the world, not just you.” I was mortified and bawled my eyes out.

It took time and a lot of appointments with that man for me to understand where he was coming from. He was right. Now, I embrace my blindness and use it as a stepping stone for spreading awareness and overcoming anything thrown my way.

So, from all that, you can understand why this doctor is a bit much for my nerves. I never know what wisdom he will share or what bold statement he will make. Now, he’s very sweet and supportive, since he’s seen me grow from an angry teen to a strong woman. I was still hesitant to tell him I was using CBD oil for the pain in my eyes. There will always be a stigma around cannabis and hemp products, so it’s not something I like to start a conversation with.

The moment he starting looking into my eyes and checking my scans, he asked if I was taking anything new. So, I told him about CBD and how other doctors and friends recommended I try it for general pain and mental health. He smiled and shook my hand.

He explained that he had seen a few other patients with improvements because of regular CBD use, and he was seeing a slight improvement with my RP. I won’t lie, I almost shit my pants. He said the words improvement and RP. Growing up, I was constantly told there was nothing I could do for the progression of my eye disease. Not being able to control my vision loss was a big part of my anxiety and depression.

He told me to keep it up and try to be consistent with it for a year so he can monitor the changes. Then, he ranted a bit, asked about my kids, told me he was very proud of me, and walked out the door talking about research.

I’m not a doctor, and I won’t tell anyone they need to use CBD. I can’t promise it will improve or change your health. I’m not equipped to do more than tell you to do your own research and experience it for yourself. However, for me it was eye opening.

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