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A Quick Guide to the Psychedelic Mushroom Boom

The majority of the psychedelics community has rarely made contact with the world of venture capital and high-growth startups.


This is dangerous because it doesn’t allow for those that work with psychedelic substances to understand what the next 10 years will bring their way… and as of right now the future doesn’t look too bright.

A Venture Capital (VC) firm, is in its simplest form just an entity that invests the money of rich folks into the companies that it believes will become the most financially valuable. There are of course other considerations for some investing groups such as: patient outcomes, environmental impact and sustainability, and general ESG methodologies. But for the most part VC firms work to provide a , financial gain,to their investors by providing cash to startups that want to grow their business fast.

Let’s say that you are a psychotherapist who’s been running their own clinic for a few years. You were trained by MAPS to do psychedelic assisted therapy and have incorporated the service into your practice. Business is booming. Everyone wants access to your transformative care.

Perhaps you want to open up a second clinic where you can hire on some more therapists with the proper training, but you don’t have the money saved up yet to open up another location.

You could wait a few years, go to a bank to get a loan, or you could seek out an investment.

If you choose to go raise money for your venture you’ll be met with a lot of questions most of which will be pointed at one thing: scale. Most investors won’t put down capital for you to just open up one additional clinic. You’ll need to describe a vision of growing fast and scaling your brand to be the most impactful, widely distributed clinic on the planet.

Why? Because investors lose money on most investments that they make. Almost all of their returns are made from the few investments that knock it out of the park. The billion dollar unicorn that can grow their money more than 100x.

None of this is to say that good companies that can generate a high return don’t exist, but it’s very difficult to find that balance. Within our current system, companies need to compete with one another. That competition plays out through cutting costs, moving quickly, and oftentimes deprioritizing people, the environment, and quality.

It’s also very difficult to prioritize long term results. Every VC firm collects a new pool of money every few years called a . Most funds only run for 7 years, 10 years on the long end. Within 10 years you need to see a company sold off or going public for you to cash out and see the fruits of your investment. A company that has a 25 year mission to revolutionize patient care, but has to suffer losses for the first 10? Not going to happen.

As I mentioned earlier, there are strategies for forming firms around values, impact, and longer term results. But it’s extremely difficult. A firm can focus on investing in B Corps, but B Corp status is very time and resource intensive to pursue. There are a few companies in the space that have done it including MAPS and The Third Wave, but it’ll be a long road before we see a meaningful percentage of psychedelics companies adopt this style of doing business.

All of us from Auryn Fund, to Field Trip, to our own Tabula Rasa Ventures are trying hard to make sure that the future of this industry reflects the incredible community that’s built it. But we need to be having more open conversations along with detailed strategies for how to do investment right.

If you read the PALA story.


Quick Guide to Psychedelic Startups

How to Raise Capital for a Psychedelic Startup: Industry Info You Need to Know

In the recent past, psychedelics were considered dangerous drugs. Today, more and more scientists recognize their medical potential. Investors are already investing in the young industry.

Psychedelic drugs have a complicated history. They had a heyday in the 1960s but then fell into disuse. Recent research has partially brought psychedelics back. Today, scientists see them as promising compounds for treating many diseases.

Given the above, it is quite fair to say that the era of the so-called psychedelic renaissance has begun. Since 2020, the number of psychedelic companies has started to increase greatly.

Let’s take a look at the reasons for the increased demand in the psychedelic industry. Learn how to raise capital dealing with this type of business.

Psychedelics Boom

Despite Covid-19 and the collapse of the economy, investors are starting to pay attention to this industry. They bet that psychedelic-derived drugs can become a real business and help millions of people. Researchers, activists, and journalists have been the driving force behind the psychedelic renaissance.

Benefits of Psychedelics

Many startup companies are developing drugs based on psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms), LSD, MDMA, and ibogaine. They are banned in the United States, except ketamine, which is also used in the development of such medicine. These companies hope to develop a psychedelic therapy treatment for a wide range of mental illnesses. They include depression, anxiety, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Medical regulators are also gradually turning toward psychedelics, as they show potential in treating depression. In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called Usona Institute’s psilocybin program for major depressive disorder “breakthrough therapy.”

However, researchers will have a tough road to winning FDA approval.

How Medical Companies Turned to Psychedelics

In early 2020, the drug company Mind Medicine (MMEDF) went public. It received the financial backing of Kevin O’Leary and the guidance of cannabis entrepreneur Bruce Linton. In one interview, O’Leary explained his reasons for investing in psychedelics and talked about the lagging efforts to treat growing psychiatric disorders.

In 2013, Linton became a co-founder of Canopy Growth (CGC), the largest cannabis company in the U.S. He left in 2019 and later became director of Mind Medicine. The main goal of the company is similar to Compass Pathways. They plan to bring psychedelics to market and conduct research on LSD, mushrooms, and other drugs.

Investing in Psychedelics

Venture capital investors were at the centre of the psychedelic boom. In early 2020, startups in the field said they were beginning to see signs of growing investor appetite.

Venture capital firms focused on psychedelic companies soon began to appear. Insider’s list of the top 11 venture capitalists in the field shows $139.8 million invested in such startups in just a few years.

Kevin O’Leary and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel make big bets on magic mushrooms. Their big plans for mind-altering mushrooms have nothing to do with festivals or raves but deal with biotech instead.

Negev Capital, a psychedelic medical intervention investment fund, invests in companies that are developing new drugs to treat mental disorders based on psychedelic compounds. Negev has invested in 20 psychedelic drug development companies and has more than $30mln under the management

The fund recently doubled down on its substantial investment in Small Pharma Inc, a neuropharmaceutical company specialising in developing new treatments for mental illness with a focus on depression.

Another representative of psychedelic medicine is ATAI Life Sciences. It’s a “drug discovery platform” from Germany. The company invests in research of possible uses of psychedelics and other drugs for medical purposes. As of January 2021, they had raised more than $210 million, much of it from Thiel Capital and Christian Angermayer.

ATAI Life Sciences has taken a majority stake in Recognify, which was founded by Thomas Südhof, winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Recognify’s aim is to develop drugs to help treat schizophrenia. The company focuses on cognitive impairments (CIAS) that interfere with verbal learning and memory. Their new drug, RL-007, although not derived from psychoactive compounds, has already undergone positive clinical trials.

Another company is Compass Pathways (CMPS), which went public in the United States back in September 2020. The British company, invested in by Thiel and Angermayer, has patented a synthetic form of psilocybin. It helps people with treatment-resistant depression.

The company launched clinical trials that involved 233 patients at several sites across Europe and North America. It is the most rigorous trial on psilocybin, which adds great weight to previous, smaller studies of the drug. In November 2018, FDA called the company’s treatment “breakthrough therapy.” This means the approval may come soon if trials are successful. Compass will start Phase 3 trials in the near future.

Cybin is a biotech company focused on the development of psychedelic therapeutics. In October 2021, it completed its 74th pre-clinical study of psychedelic compounds for potential therapeutic applications in several psychiatric disorders. Over 50 new compounds have been evaluated with the help of experienced contract research organizations.

The company seeks to build a portfolio of world-class psychedelic molecules that could become commercially viable drug candidates for both internal development and future partnerships.

The current psychedelic boom is only the beginning of the industry’s development and expansion. Considering investors’ attention to this type of medicine, more startups will emerge in the future. Active research on psychedelics has resumed in recent years, after its peak in the 1950s and 1970s. It may lead to great scientific progress and heal millions of people. for your Health Wellness Beauty and Inspirational Goals

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Many startup companies are developing drugs based on psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms), LSD, MDMA, and ibogaine. They are banned in the United States, except ketamine, which is also used in the development of such medicine. These companies hope to develop a psychedelic therapy treatment for a wide range of mental illnesses. They include depression, anxiety, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).