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Pet Owners Have found “Fireworks Secret” – CDB Pet Drops

Just as some CDB Users have found comfort in CDB Drops, some pet owners are turning their attention to CBD products to help calm their pets during the fireworks.

Two-year-old Smoky is a playful husky, but when it comes to the loud boom of the fireworks on the 4th of July, his owner tells us he tends to get skittish.

“Even last night there was only like two or three that went off and he was running afraid of and trying to hide under me and my bed,” said a customer in the store.

The customer says she’s tried everything from turning up the music and TV to even giving her pets a sedative to calm them during the 4th of July.

That’s why some pet owners are looking at CBD, a hemp-based product typically used to treat pain and anxiety in people.

There are many places that sell CBD, that not only sells products for people to use but ones for pets, too.

A local owner, has been selling CBD products for the last two years, and he’s already sold out of dog treats for the 4th of July.

He says the CBD oil can be added to their food, water, or a droplet can be given to a dog behind their tongue.

“So they’re going to be more relaxed, you’re going to see them maybe laying down, not as intense, they’re not going to as on edge as they were before taking CBD,” said the owner.

He says CBD is safe for pets as long as they follow the appropriate dosage on the label. You also want to make sure it was made in the U.S. and you know what’s in it.

“You have to be careful you don’t mix certain additives with the CBD oil, for example like peppermint is toxic for animals so you want to stay away that,” said the owner.

This year a shopper in his shop said she may consider giving her dog CBD. 
“The oil’s probably a little healthier for them in the long run I would say, if it helps calm them down a little bit and they’re less afraid of the fireworks, I might as well give it a try,” said the shopper.

We at “Inspirational Technologies” recognize that many pet owners and are looking for a quality “CBD” (THC Free) for their pets and themselves. That is why we are promoting this product and recommend  that you give it a try.  

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