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HEMP HOUSE shows potential for HEMP STRUCTURES. Hempcrete Use Could Easily Lower CO2, If Widely Used!

Hemp is a versatile variety of the cannabis plant, which can be used in various ways, from bio-fuel and industrial building materials to food and clothing. It does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so its use or ingestion does not make one “high”. 

Apparently, it can also be used in the building of economical, sustainable, affordable, and secure housing. This progressive home was built by Dun Agro, a Dutch company specializing in “hemp concrete,” also referred to as “hempcrete”, which is made from hemp fibers, water, and glue.

The mixture is initially pressed together in a mold and then is left to dry for 3 months. Afterward, all the sections needed for the home are assembled.

The hemp houses take only a part of the time houses of that size generally take to be made, and at the same time, they are more durable and earthquake-resistant.

Dun Agro claims that the main benefit of buying a hemp house is the negative CO2 footprint, as hemp takes on 13,500 kilos of CO2 when it grows and it remains stored in the hempcrete.

The company put its hemp home on display on November 30th, 2018,  and plans to build and sell more hemp homes in the near future, estimating that it can produce up to 500 of them annually. 

Even though it is not the first one to attempt to build such a house, the company claims that it is the first one to have succeeded in doing so. 

Therefore, in times when numerous countries face housing crises, and so many people in the third world experience crises of resource deficits and financial issues when it comes to housing, this eco-friendly alternative company might offer a unique and invaluable solution, in the form of hemp houses!

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