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INSPIRATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES – Will Launch “Hemp Talk, with Steve”, a preproduced Webcast that will air at 4:20 pm EST. Details to be announced, soon.

May 27, 2019   Jacksonville, Florida  Inspirational Technologies, Founder, Steven M Smith

Statement to Publish –

We, Inspirational Technologies” on behalf of the viewership of our subscribers, (now in excess of 1,000)  will Launch “Hemp Talk, with Steve” a Live, preproduced Webcast that will air at 4:20 pm EST. Dates may vary and will be announced, shortly. The program will benefit the viewer by giving them different perspectives on Hemp, it’s history and how it may and will impact our future. We will focus first, on Education on the Viewers and become a platform to share common goals and interests, as well as serving our community, with positive, information on how Hemp will play a role in each of our lives from agriculture to possible cures. We hope that you will join us, for an entertaining and enlightening show.”

Running time will be 420 seconds or 7 minutes each segment.

Logo by Steven M Smith

Steven Michael Smith, Founder, Inspirational Technologies (2019)