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CBD + SUNSHINE STATE = SUCCESS! THC + FLORIDA = Ever Changing Legislative Action!

While CBD is looking like Yellow Gold in Florida, with Governor Ron DeSantis about to sign into law the SB 1020 bill effective July 1st. Below is a handy guide to applicable bills regarding cannabis reform in the Sunshine State.

Smoking Ban Removal

Republican Senator Jeff Brandes‘ Bill SB 182 Medical Use of Marijuana and HB 7015, the House Health & Human Services Committee.

This bill plans to allow medical marijuana to be available in the form of smokeable flower for adults. Only minors who are terminally ill, with a recommendation from both a qualifying physician and a pediatrician will be the exception to the rule.

Retail Decoupling 

Senator Thurston’s SB 154 and Representative Thompson’s HB 461 – Retail Medical Marijuana Facilities.

“Revising definitions of the terms ‘edibles, ‘low-THC cannabis,’ ‘marijuana,’ and ‘marijuana delivery device’ to include items that are dispensed by a medical marijuana retail facility; defining the term ‘medical marijuana retail facility’; revising the definition of the term ‘medical use’ to include the use of marijuana dispensed by a medical marijuana retail facility; revising the definition of the term ‘physician certification’ to authorize a qualified patient to receive marijuana and a marijuana delivery device from a medical marijuana retail facility;  prohibiting qualified physicians and caregivers from being employed by or having an economic interest in a medical marijuana retail facility; requiring that the medical marijuana use registry maintained by the Department of Health be accessible to medical marijuana retail facilities for certain verification purposes, etc.”

Cannabis Banking 

Senator Taddeo’s SB 1116 and Representative Silvers’ HB 1119 – Banking Services for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.

This bill is to “Revise the definition of the term ‘financial institution’ to include a medical marijuana limited charter bank or credit union licensed under the Marijuana Limited Charter Banking and Credit Union Law. Providing a short title; defining terms; establishing the Medical Marijuana Limited Charter Bank and Credit Union Advisory Board within the Office of Financial Regulation.”

Out of State Patient Card Reciprocity 

Republican Representative Massullo’s HB 557and Republican Senator Albritton’s SB 1328 – Reciprocity for Medical Use of Marijuana.

According to the bill, “An act relating to reciprocity for the medical use of marijuana; providing that a qualified patient identification card or caregiver identification card, or its equivalent, issued by another state, United States territory, or the District of Columbia, has the same force and effect as a medical marijuana use registry identification card issued by the Department of Health, etc.”

Adult Use (Recreational) Marijuana 

Representative Grieco‘s HB 1117 and SenatorFarmer’s SB 1780 (co-introduced by Senator Bracy) – Adult Use Marijuana Legalization An act relating to “Adult Use Marijuana Legalization; Renaming the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation; exempting certain activities involving marijuana from use and possession offenses; authorizing persons age 21 and over to engage in certain activities involving personal use of marijuana in limited amounts; providing limits on where persons may engage in specified activities, etc.”

Marijuana Use Decriminalization 

Senator Pizzo‘s SB 1312 and RepresentativeJenne’s HB 1312 – Cannabis decriminalization

“An act relating to cannabis; providing reduced criminal penalties for distribution or possession of certain amounts of cannabis concentrate or THC in cannabis products or edibles, etc.”

Constitutional Amendment for Adult Use

Democratic Senator Bracy‘s SB 1298 – Adult Right to Cannabis This legislation is “a joint resolution proposing the creation of Section 28 of Article I of the State Constitution to establish the right of persons over a specified age in this state to possess, use, and cultivate cannabis.”

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