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Colorado Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone (HAIZ) Spotlights Hemp-based Building Materials

All of hemp supporting interests are applauding all efforts to expand cultivation and use of industrial hemp in the United States.

With the recent disclosure of Western Sierra Resource Corp.’s intent to purchase a 44-acre multi-use property in the Hemp Agro-Industrial Zone (HAIZ) of Northwest Colorado, there is opportunity for all stakeholders in the hemp industry.

According to a recent news release, Western Sierra Resource Corp. has signed a Definitive Agreement with Global Hemp Group and plans to “attract and showcase industrial hemp and related green/carbon neutral-negative building technologies to the world.”

Beginning this year, approximately 30 acres of the HAIZ will be seeded with up to five different strains for the initial hemp cultivation test. The focus will be on environmentally-friendly construction materials, nano-fertilizers and enhanced extraction from hemp.

Hemp Has Become A Viable Competitor with Lumber.

The site is expected to utilize and showcase hemp-based building materials and as many green economy technologies as possible in order to “attract and support green community stakeholders, and government and industry support and partnerships,” the release stated.

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