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Is The Death Of Your Dream, A Reawakening?


Pink Sky Moonrise Over Florida   December 2019         ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This past year has been filled with a full range of emotions. January 1, 2019. From the beginning of this year, the date of the death of my aunt,  became the catalyst for my traveling to California and from there began an adventurous ride that continues to today. During this year I have encountered many new and exciting precepts of my upcoming journey. As I reflect on this amazing pathway that I have chosen to be my roadmap to my future, I must first make state that as I am referencing myself in this writing, I cannot fully impress on, those reading this, of how my wife, Janet, has been the impetus of all my motivation and the drive for the direction my company is moving. I give all the glory to God and pray for divine interpretation. Meanwhile,  I have been taking time during the past few weeks to focus on the upcoming year 2020. My usual  attempts to plan anything have been thrown out the window. I am reinventing my goal setting, reworking my flowcharts and diagrams with the newfound knowledge and true inspiration that I have been soaking up these past 350 days. My newfound peer group is now made up of a multi-talented group of self motivated individuals, who I have drawn my courage from and fearlessness to  jump into the preverbal fire. At the end of this year, I encountered another death. This one was a catastrophic nightmare, in not only my mind, but also my company’s growth. However, I have woken up and now realize the opportunities afforded me during my sleep. Now, it is eyes wide open and the exuberance of the new days ahead. I am eternally grateful for the direction my mentors have provided me. 2020 is going to be the year of positive changes for those who live an awakened positive life.

Steven M Smith


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