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Ohio Joins The CBD Market. Are YOU HempSMART???

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio — Hemp and CBD products are now legal in the state of Ohio, and retailers across the state may begin selling those products right away.

Governor Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 57 into law, Tuesday, August 6th, morning at the Ohio State Fair. The new law allows the Ohio Department of Agriculture to begin drafting rules for people who want to grow or process hemp. It also removes hemp from the list of controlled substances.

The most immediate change, however, is that retailers can begin selling CBD and other hemp-derived products in stores right away, as a result of an emergency clause in the new law.

ZuRI, A CBD Supply Co. is a company with a production facility in Lorain County, where workers produce more than 90 CBD products. Scott Raybuck, the president and CEO, said that up until now, his company has been producing base products locally and then shipping them out-of-state to consumers. Now, though, the company can fulfill orders by local retailers, which it’s been receiving for a while now.

“In Ohio, I would probably say 70 to 80 (retailers) right off the bat, and that doesn’t include us now going out and really marketing to Ohio,” Raybuck said. “So it was a substantial number of retailers that we’ll be fulfilling orders over the next couple of weeks here for them.”

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