New Year’s Celebration – Why Pet owners increasingly turning to CBD for their animals – Full Spectrum CDB! NO THC.

We can all appreciate having our family pet with us so much, that we may come to think of them as Family.

While we Celebrate this New Year with Fire Works and Car Horns, our Furry Family may not be so happy. Loud noises especially terrify many domestic and rural animals.

However there may be a CBD Product That Gives Natural Calming Qualities with regular use.

Many have found and experienced the many benefits of CBD in their lives, just recently and perhaps have wondered if CDB can be of benefit to their furry or feathered pet.

The good news is that every mammal is endowed with an Endocannabinoid System or ECS. Research is now showing the promise of CBD in our lives. We, at HempSMART, are poised to deliver to your doorstep, 3rd party Quality tested, organically grown in the USA, Full Spectrum CDB minus ALL THC, in 250mg or 500mg drops (flavored in Strawberry, Orange, Lemon or Mint). 300 mg of CBD Pain Capsules or CDB Pain Cream. Patented CBD Brain Capsules and Face Cream (CDB infused). Ships same day as order


Also, on the Human Side, we need to help our Immune System and we are promoting our Patented “Brain” capsules & Drops.

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