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Hempy October HempSMART!

CBD HempSMART Watch Party with Doug!

TIME TO SET YOUR DVRs to record your favorite 8pm EST Show. Take just 35 minutes of your time, grab a pen , paper and find a quiet place to learn, JUST WHAT is this CBD PHENOMENON? In less than One Hour, Watch and tune Your attention to What I like to call my “Four Hemp Club”. Hope, Health, Healing and HempSMART! & Hemportunity

*Please Join me Live, as we have a Watch Party, with Doug, USA Director of HempSMART Operations, as he gives us a great overview of how HempSMART’s CBD (THC Free) Product Line can give “Positive results and then Positive response, which then presents Positive Opportunities” for you, your family and loved ones.

“My family has and are having such positive health benefits with this amazing product selection. We have never had to refund or return a product that we have recommended, and we recommend them all!”

My Best,

Steven M Smith

The following is Doug’s link!

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Doug Skordal 2019 US Director of HempSMART USA

Start: 10/1/2019 8:00 PM

End: 10/1/2019 8:30 PM


Create Your Ideal Life with hempSMART. Optimal Health meets Optimal Wealth. You invite guests. We do the heavy lifting, Attendees learn about products, opportunity, & our incredible positioning in the hemp / CBD solutions arena. Host: Doug Skordal

If you missed the Live Presentation here is a recent Replayed Presentation, Thank you!

The HempSMART link

We must disclose the following per FDA statement

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A plant called Hemp. So much Hope. Get Smart! Get HempSMART!

As of May 29, 2,300 farmers in Colorado were registered to grow hemp and 80,000 acres outdoors and 9 million square feet of indoor space — greenhouses — were licensed for hemp production, according to the latest figures.
It’s not just individual companies running into problems with credit-card companies and other financial institutions. The U.S. Hemp Authority, which has developed standards and a certification process for the industry, was notified in early June that Stripe, which processes payments for internet businesses, is dropping it as a client.
“We had been working with them since January or February of this year,” said Marielle Weintraub, president of the authority. “They said they would no longer be working with us because we’re a cannabis-related business, putting us in a high-risk category.”
But the Hemp Authority only processes fees for licensing hemp business that are certified by a third-party auditor, Weintraub said. “We don’t sell a product, manufacture a product. We’re not shipping a product.”
A June 7 email from Stripe to the Hemp Authority said “it does seem that your business is in violation of the Stripe Services Agreement, section A.7.b (Restricted Businesses and Activities).”
Stripe didn’t answer requests for comment.
Weintraub said other services charge considerably more. She added that she’s more worried about hemp business owners or farmers who might run into trouble with their banks.
“It may or may not put the rest of their banking in jeopardy,” Weintraub said.
Jesse Stanley, who along with his brothers started Colorado-based Charlotte’s Web, a leader in the CBD industry, said at the Outdoor Retailer that in the beginning, banks would do business with the company for a while and then back out.
“It was kind of like relief pitchers: We’d bring in the next one until we’d exhausted them,” Stanley said.
Colorado is sponsoring a bill to open banking and financial services to marijuana businesses in states that have legalized marijuana. The bipartisan bill got its first-ever hearing by a U.S. House committee earlier this year.


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Latest “Florida CBD and Hemp Update” by “Inspirational Technologies”. Owner “Extremely Happy”

After Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis signed “Florida Hemp Bill” yesterday, into Law, with it going into effect July 1st, just around the corner, Steven Smith, Owner of Inspirational Technologies was extremely happy. He said in a statement, “We are a Growing, Green, Company. With many Stories out there, “Inspirational Technologies” has rapidly become a recognized research and development company via over 100 Bloggs over the past few months covering the ‘World of Hemp and The East Coast CBD Unknown Epidemic”.  Inspirational Technologies founder, Steven Smith said on Monday, “We are poised at the precipice of a new plant, from the past. A new look at the way we farm it, figure out how to best source it out, to be our new freedom in Research, Farming Techniques, Extraction Execution, 3rd Party Testing of CBD Products, Hemp Plant Products from paper to propulsion. There will be a Product Leader in the CBD World. It won’t come from Canada, it won’t come from no name, no label, hemp oil. HempSMART is global, it has a reputation and as a Subsidiary of a publicly traded US stock exchange (MCOA) it, as We, are held to a Higher Standard. We will endeavor to keep our members and future viewers enlightened as best we can. Thank you, for your support.”   Steven Smith June 21, 2019

The following is from an article, and subject to review.

The era of marijuana prohibition is slowly coming to an end. For generations, millions of Americans have spent years behind bars because of strict laws that are being lifted across America. Eleven states have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults over the age of 21 and 33 states have legalized cannabis for medical use. That number will only continue to grow as every state that legalizes marijuana sees an immediate positive impact on the economy, not to mention the potential health benefits for patients suffering from chronic medical conditions.

 The thought of a plant called Hemp, from the Cannabis family, is now completely legal, again and that my anxiety, athletic injuries, and sleep disorders can be dramatically benefited by this, once pervasive plant, are going to make an absolute fortune for those who understand all about.hempSMART.comA 350-page report on marijuana growth projections from Wall Street was just released and it is truly an eye-opener. This industry is offering returns you won’t find elsewhere. The “State of the Legal Cannabis Markets” report was released last week and its findings are making headlines all over.2015: $4.8 billion
2016: $6.7 billion
2017: $9.1 billion
2018: $10.9 billion
2019: $14.9 billion
2020: $19.3 billion
2021: $24.4 billion
2022: $30.7 billion
2023: $36.2 billion
2024: $40.6 billionFor those of you keeping score at home, this works out to a compound annual growth rate of 28.2% over a decade and 24.5% over the six-year period between the end of 2018 and the end of 2024. If you have any trepidation about getting involved as an active investor in the marijuana industry, here’s a chart from Yahoo! Finance that shows the 2018-2024 side-by-side projections from Wall Street.

The future looks BRIGHT for the marijuana industry. Our country voice is that a strong majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana and that number is only growing more by the day as younger Americans are able to vote. We need to be responsible Americans and use our ‘Thinking Caps’, once again. For More information or to become part of the “CBD Movement” Click Here

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Marijuana Company Of America (MCOA) on Uptick Newswire

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