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Edibles Now Legal in Florida – Cookie Monster Happy

Reposted from September 9th, 2020  

Florida Edibles will account for more than 40% of Medical Marijuana Sales if Colorado is any indicator.

The Florida Department of Health has officially issued production standards, meaning dispensary sales of marijuana edibles are now legal!

September 2020 Brings Edibles To Florida Medical Patients
To check out the official production standards for edibles issued by the Florida Department of Health, see: Final Standards for Production of Edibles.
And for everything else you need to know about marijuana edibles, keep reading below!
As both medical and recreational marijuana become legal in a growing number of states, so too does the popularity of edible forms of cannabis. Data from Colorado, which was among the first states to legalize marijuana, indicates that edible cannabis-infused products account for some 45% of all cannabis sales. (These figures do not include homemade A nationally representative study of adult cannabis users reported that nearly 30% of all users had consumed cannabis in edible or beverage forms. Because these figures represent users who obtain marijuana products through both legal and non-legal sources, it is likely skewed towards combustable rather than edible products, as smoked marijuana is more easily obtained in areas where sales are not yet legal.

In Canada, where both smoked and edible forms of cannabis are legal on a national basis, a 2019 study indicated that over 25% of all users preferred edibles. It has also been shown that individuals using cannabis for medical purposes are more receptive to edible products, and that edibles are more popular with older adults.

For patients who are unable to receive inhaled cannabis medications due to conditions such as asthma and COPD, or who simply dislike the taste of burnt marijuana, edible forms of the product provide a viable alternative.

The generally perceived benefits of edible cannabis include:

  • The ability to deliver measured dosages
  • A longer duration of effects as compared to smoking or vaping
  • No need for additional equipment such as vape pens or pipes

A 2016 peer-reviewed manuscript on the subject outlined several additional potential benefits of edible cannabis:

Anecdotal reports attribute increased interest in edibles to several perceptions shared by users: (1) edibles are a discreet and more convenient way to consume cannabis; (2) edibles offer a “high” that is calmer and more relaxing than smoking cannabis; and (3) edibles avoid the harmful toxins and health risks that come with smoking cannabis.

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